Teenager Therapy

Five stressed, sleep deprived, yet energetic teens sit down and talk about the struggles that come with being a teenager. Is high school really as bad as everyone says?

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Our Best Episodes

The episodes we feel best represent what this podcast is about. This is us at our most vulnerable. We choose to share these vulnerable moments with you in hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

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Is Acne Beautiful/Skin Neutrality/Acne Insecurities

Is Acne beautiful? Is it harmful to preach Acne is beautiful? How do you deal with the insecurities that come with having acne? We discuss all these things and also talk about Gael's experience with Accutane. Enjoy!

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The Realities Of Our Friendship

This is the best episode we've ever recorded. It's a raw, honest, and uncomfortable conversation about the realities of our friendship. It is a situation that will feel familiar to all of you, as we all go through it but we rarely know what to make of it. We hope you can take something valuable out of it.

About us

We are 5 friends from very different backgrounds with a love for helping others. We created this podcast with a genuine passion for helping others. However, we are pretty average so don't expect any amazing talents.

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Gael - Hellooo I'm Gael and I love creating things. I really just want to help as many people as possible. Also I always have a tweet in mind hehe

Isaac - Hi, I'm Isaac! I really care about my friends and love being active. I want to become someone that I can be proud of!

Thomas - Hi guys! I'm just your basic, stressed teenager who wants to make the world a better place.

Mark - I'm Mark! I’m pretty spontaneous. I play volleyball and watch rom-coms in my free time.

Kayla - Hey! I'm Kayla, and I am 17 years old and if you ever see me I'll most likely be smiling or laughing. Also, I love Netflix so send me some recommendations!

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Thank you!

Over the past couple of months the support we have gotten has been overwhelming. We never expected so many people would listen to what we have to say. Thank you for trusting us with your voice. We promise we will make sure it's heard.

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Teenager Therapy

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